Arthur Hill

  1. Richard Burton, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966.  Thinking of their image, most actors were scared of being the emasculated husband of a blowsy, loudmouthed Elizabeth Taylor. Ernest Lehman was the producer and scenarist  – well, the Burtons put all of playwright Edward  Albee’s lines back into the script, leaving just two by Lehman!.  He wanted Peter O’Toole as George. (The wife was Martha!). Liz liked Broadway’s George, Arthur Hill, but Jack Lemmon actually accepted the role – and changed his mind next day. (A matter, said insiders, more of money than fear).  Henry Fonda, Cary Grant, James Mason and, amazingly, Glenn Ford, were also in the frame before Liz simply said: “What about Burton?”   Just like she’d said about directors: “You know who’s a genius? Mike Nichols.” That’s how Broadway’s king started his amazing  film-directing career – after  studying the George Stevens classic, A Place in the  Sun. The star was… Liz Taylor.
  2. William Devane, Family Plot, 1976.     Hill had guested on the TV series but missed Alfre4d Hitchcock’s final movie.


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