Bert Convy

  1. Jonathan Frid, Dark Shadows, TV, 1966-1971.      Enter: the first of the sympathetic vampires… Convy was in the queue for Barnabas Collins (ex-either Jeremiah or Jered) in just a few episodes. Ther character lasted 594 chapters, after the ABC suits changed his villainy into anti-heroism, thereby saving the series from a stake in its heart. Indeed, the elegant Canadian Frid was so mega-busy in Collinsport, Maine, that he begged for another blood-sucker to share the load. Enter: David Selby as Quentin Collins for 307 shows, 1968-1971. “Frid did a wonderful, subtle job of presenting the character’s menace, empathy, ruthlessness, vulnerability and deep love… overshadow[ing] the campiness of the show,” said Tracie Morris, the only poet quoted on this site – apart from all those Shakesperean titles.
  2.  Earl Holliman, Police Woman, TV, 1974-1978.    Convy was Angie Dickinson’s boss in the pilot – The Gambler  episode of Police Story (when Angie was  called Lisa Beaumont,  not Pepper Anderson).  Holliman took over Lieutenant Bill Crowley for the full 91 cases.  

 Birth year: 1933Death year: 1991Other name: Casting Calls:  2