Billy West

  1. Joe Alasky, Looney Tunes: Back In Action, 2002.     West’s credo: You can’t be the new Mel Blanc by doing Mel Blanc voices. New York’s Alasky took over West’s usual Bugs Bunny gig. Billy, the mimic from Michigan, has voiced more than 200 toons since 1988, from Popeye to Woody Woodpecker…
  2. Bob Bergen, Looney Tunes: Back In Action, 2002.   … and still more voices from King of the Hill’s Sergeant Barber and Ghostbusters’ Slimer… to Tom (of and Jerry) and The Simpsons’ Dr Zoidberg. (Bergen, aka the toon Luke Sywalker, piped up for Porky Pig here).
  3. Eric Goldberg, Looney Tunes: Back In Action, 2002.    Goldberg stepped in for Marvin the Martian. Due to Matt Simpsons Groening’s Futurama toons (1999-2013), West has played Richard Nixon (well, his Head), more than any other actor. And then he voiced Donald Rumsfeld for Kid Notorious in 2003.
  4. Dee Bradley Baker, American Dad!, TV, 2005- .     The Detroit voice of Bi-Polar Bear, Bugs Bunny, Dr. Zoidberg, Elmer Fudd, General Slug, Ka-Boom, Woody Woodpecker and about 227 others since 1988, was seen (well, heard) alongside another Michigan guy, Rob Paulsen, and John DiMaggio (no kin of Joe) (everyone asks!) for Franços… who became Klaus when Baker’s German proved better than his French!
  5. John DiMaggio, Futurama, TV, 2010-2013.       A Hollywood voice artist for some 26 years, West first auditoned for Bender (“Bite my shiny ass!”), the hero’s robot who dreams of being a folk singer, in  the new toon series from The Simpsons’ father, Matt Groenning.   Matt saw the light  – or, heard it – and signed  West to voice his hero, Philip J. Fry (transplanted to the year 3000) and the military jerk,  Zapp Brannigan. 

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