Black Francis

  1. Pruitt Taylor Vince, Heavy,, 1993.  For his directing debut, James Mangold had a major problem. Who could be the sad, fat cook Victor  Modino.  Mangold voted for  the centre of the Pixies band, but singer-songwriter-guitarist Black Francis (born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV)  felt it didn’t fit for a first movie role. Then, a pal working on Paul Bewman’s Nobody’s  Fool suggested Vince.  If he could  put on the right  weight. He could!  Chicago critic Roger Ebert  was overjoyed with the movie’s  extraordinary sense of realism. “You’ve been in places like this. You linger over a second cup of coffee and people-watch, trying to guess the secrets of the sad-eyed waitress and the drunk at the bar and the pizza cook who looks like he’s serving a sentence. You don’t guess the true horror of the place, which is that there are no secrets, because everyone here knows all about everyone else, inside and out, top to bottom, and has for years.”

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