Breckin Meyer

  1. Jason Mewes, Mallrats, 1995.      The only way New Jersey auteur Kevin Smith could win his battle to have his pal Jason play, well, himself -Jay – was to run some auditions… of Seth Green and Meyer (who ran their own company, Lucid Films, with  Ryan Philippe).   At ten, Drew Barrymore  got her first kiss from Meyer, then 11. His reward?  Drew introduced him to her agent.
  2. Jamie Kennedy, Scream, 1996.      Meyer, Kennedy and Jason Lee auditioned for Randy Meeks – and met up in the final call-backs. Then, Kennedy was elected.
  3. Christopher Moynihan, Coupling, TV, 2003.      “Perhaps, Perhaps” – not!   Meyer was Jeff in the pilot, not the series – a flop, killed after four episodes, despite being based on the dazzling BBC hit.  Even Jeff Zucker, ex-NBC chief, later confessed: “It just sucked.” Britain’s Jeff, 2000-2004, was the brilliant Richard Coyle.
  4. Josh Peck, Ice Age: The Meltdown, 2004.   Meyer and Ernie Sabella were in the Eddie vocal mix.  Ten year earlier, Sabella voiced  the warthog Pumbaa (*Disney’s first farting creation) in The Lion King. Several characters missed Blue Sky’s final cut, including: Robert Duvall”s Alec The Vulture, Jamie Foxx’s Jonathan the Woolly Mammoth, Heath Ledger’s Chuck the Smilodon, even Woody Allen’s Thomas the Opossums.


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