Brenda Joyce

  1. Linda Darnell,  Brigham Young, 1939.    Casting suggestions of head Fox Darryl Zanuck were not always followed – or possible. And so Darnell became Tyrone Power’s love interest, Zina. While Joyce went ojn to be  the second Jane in the Tarzan talkies, four with Johnny Weissmuller and one with Lex Barker. 
  2. Linda Darnell, Chad Hanna, 1940.  Of the quartet seen for Caroline – Bowdon, Darnell, Anne Baxter andf Brenda Joyce – only Bowdon was sure she’d won.  After all, her husband, Nunnally Johnson, had written the script! On hearing Darnell actually  won. Dorris said she considered leaving…  the Fox studio?  No, her husband.
  3. Sheila Ryan, A Haunting We Will Go, 1942.      As if the ape-man wasn’t bad enough Brenda had no wish to join Laurel and Hardy. Who notices the women in their films? Fox was furious and terminated her contract. Clearly someone noticed Helen Koford among the background girls. She was rechristened Terry Moore… and was still working, in her 1043th screen role, in  2021.  
  4. Dorothy Adams, Down to the Sea in Ships, 1948.  Studying the seafaring script, Brenda  saw there was little room for women among the whaling crews. And, indeed, most female roles were cut and/or uncredited. Unhappy with her career – and five ape-man films -Joyce found it the perfect moment to quit (after 27 movie in ten years). “I was never enamored of Hollywood and films. The only good friend I had at 20th Century-Fox was Genme Tierney. Also, the Publicity Department people became good friends.”  Thus she stole away and hid in Washington DC and Santa Monica.  Anonymously.

 Birth year: 1917Death year: 2009Other name: Casting Calls:  4