Brigitte Roiuan

  1. Dominique Laffin, La femme qui pleure (US: The Crying Woman), France, 1978.    Which  came first, scenario or the reality…  Yet another French film  about the  breakdown of a couple  – being, of course,  the auteur Jacques Doillon and his editor, Noëlle Boisson (parents of Lola,  the 2006  director of  Et toi, t’es sur qui?) .  Among his earliest casting  work, Dominique Besnheard met all, the bright young things of the hour: Anicée Alvina (from Alain Robbe-Grillet’s erotics), ex-child star Brigitte Fossey, Jacqueline Parent, and two others who later became directors: Röuan and Nicole Garcia. Doillon played himself (obviously!) opposite the lovely Laffin… who  died far too young, after 19 films, in 1985.  Officially,  a heart attack (at 33?), although her daughter, French Communist politician Clementine Autain, confirmed it was suicide. 

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