Bruce Li

  1.  Tai Chung Kim, Game of Death, Hong Kong, 1978.    Although some Bruce Lee fans actually adore this “tribute,” it is a total, grave-robbing horror!  Bruce began directing it in ’72 as his ultimate martial arts movie statement. He halted the shoot to make Enter The Dragon. After his shock 1973 death, Dragon director Robert Clouse was hired to rescue this project to crudely cash in on the death. critic Andrew Saroch called it  “a laughable and embarrassing mixture of second-rate film-making and badly inserted excerpts from a number of Lee’s other films”Lee’s pals like Muhammad Ali, James Coburn, George Lazenby and Steve McQueen refused cameos. They felt the entire enterprise was in bad taste and wholly disrepectful to such a genius artist.  Ixem for Bruce Li, when refusing to take over Lee’s role of Billy Lo –  Clouse used two Bruce-ish doubles (hiding behind sunglasses), plus Lee stills and a cardboard cut-out…  and even made use of Bruce Lee’s real funeral…!

  2. Biao Yurn, Game of Death, Hong Kong, 1978.   Yuen was the other stand-in. A lile-long pal of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo – just not as famous. Pity, he deservecd stellar kudos for his highly acrobatic work in some 120 screen roles during 1971-2012.Bruce Li was better… “The producers gave me the name Bruce Li. But, I don’t like it. I can act like him but I can’t be him. You may call me Ho Chung Tao or James Ho.”  He appeared in 16 movies, 1975-1978, which Hong Kong producers “manipulated for the market-place,” by adding a certain name to the titles (Bruce Lee The Invincible, Bruce Lee’s Superdragon, Bruce Lee’s Iron Finger,even  Fist of Fury II).  Reverting to Ho Chung Tao, he was in Enter Three Dragons, 1979, with… Bruce Lai, Bruce Lea and Bruce Le.

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