Bruce Robinson

  1. Michael York, Cabaret, 1971.   Various Brits were seen for Brian – based on author Christopher Isherwood.!  They included Tim Curry, not yet Dr Frank-N-Furter in rights; Timothy Dalton, the most recent Heathcliff; David Hemmings, Mr Blow Up; Jeremy Irons, not yet chosen for movies; Malcolm McDowell, the Clockwork Orange;  John McEnery,  but not his starrier brother, Peter; Paul Nicholas, singer-actor; Leonard Whiting, the 1967 Romeo. And Bruce Robinson, who after 15 acting gigs, became a writer-director of such underground hits as the classic Withnail & I.    John Rubinstein was the sole American, when it looked as if York could not  get free in timeSo how did York win?  “Hearing they were looking for ‘a Michael York type,’” he recalled in his 1991 autobiography, “I ventured to suggest that I might still possibly fill the bill.”

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