Buddy Hackett

  1. Lou Costello, Fireman, Save My Child, 1954.   “Note: There May or May not be a plot to this story. If you can’t find it don’t worry about it…” All set to go as the latest Abbott & Costello farce, when Lou fell ill and the mad-cap duo was subbed by… Hugh O’Brian and Hackett. Not the same thing at all!
  2. Sydney Pollack, Tootsie, 1982.
  3. Jay Mohr, Paulie, 1988.    Auditioned for the voice of Paulie, but lost to Jay Mohr who did an impression of… Buddy Hackett. Buddy had a small scene with Mohr as Benny.
  4. Bruno Kirby, City Slickers, 1990.   Facing 40, three Manhattan dudes book into a dude ranch and join a cattle drive and… a perfect comedy!  Kirby, Jason Alexander, Buddy Hackett, Bill Murray, Ray Romano were in the frame for  Ed Furillo… while  Robin Williams  was offered his choice of  the trio but was Hook-ed by Steven Spielberg. Jack Palance stole the movie and Oscarnight – winning a support award 38 years after his only nomination (for the Shane gunman). He celebrated with one-arm push-ups on the Academy stage – and the 1993 sequel.


 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2003Other name: Casting Calls:  4