Buddy Yarus

  1. George Tyne, A Walk in the Sun, 1945.   
    This item is here to underline the importance, in research,  of double checking…  According  to TCM, Yarus was “originally scheduled to play” Jake Friedman in Lewis Milstone’s underated WWII drama. TCM correctly stated the role was played  by George Tyne.  OK, I thought, another tale for the website… Except when double-checking the guys for extra colour – the Texan Tyne took over from ex-stuntman (or, say, Joan Crawford’s fourth husband) –  I discovered Tyne and Yarus  were… the same guy  Tyne, who I happened to catch in an old Mission: Impossible episode two  hours after discovering all this (who says there’s no such thing as coincidence), was born Martin Yarus and nicknamed Buddy.   He appeared with  James Dean in Broadway’s  three day run of See The Jaguar in 1952… while blacklisted in Hollywood. He never named names and  still managed to fill  63 screen roles (mostly uncredited) and direct 30-plus TV episodes between 1943-1984

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