Bulle Ogier

1. – Marie-France Boyer, Le Bonheur,  France  1965.  “Never realised these people thought about me,” Bulle said of director Agnes Varda. “So, I didn’t go to see them.” 

2. – Anna Karina, La religieuse, France 1965. Non, this time but oui  to auteur Jacques Rivette later for Celine et Julie vont en bateau, 1974,

3. –  Ingrid Thulin,  La guerre est fini, France 1966. “Maybe if I’d pushed myself more.”

4. –  Sylvia  Kristel,  Emmanuelle, France, 1974. Former commercials-maker  Just Jaeckin just asked. Non!  Luis Buñuel always said: “Actors, actresses and Bulle Ogier on set, please!”

5. – Virginie Thévenent, Le cri du hibou, France 1987. Director Robert Enrico’s 1970 plans dissolved into a Claude Chabrol exercise.


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