Caleb Landry-Jones


  1. Aaron Taylor-Jones, Godzilla, 2013.    Used to be the girls having three names. (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc). Not anymore. . The Texan Caleb Landry-Jones was booked for Tom á la ferme. Joseph Gordon-Levittwas inheritingFrank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City sequel – A Dame To Kill For – from Johnny Depp. And the winner was…the English guy from Anna Karenina… and Kiss-Ass 2! Oh and the most stupid idea was Henry Cavill- Superman v Godzilla – was, decidedly, nolo contendere.
  2. Callum Turner, Queen & Country, 2013.   The 25 year gap between John Boorman’s autobiographical Hope and Glory, 1987, and this sequel was caused by the shock 1993 death of River Phoenix, Boorman’s original choice to play the National Service army days of his alter-ego, Bill Rohan. Even when Landry Jones signed on, the delay continued… when the UK director felt he was better suited for the hellraiser Percy and Turner took over the more shy, well, discreet, Rohan.
  3. Ben Barnes, Seventh Son, 2014.    Sam Claflin, Shiloh Fernandez, James Frecheville also tested when Alex Pettyfer quit as the possible successor to  Master John Gregory (Jeff Bridges, always The Dude!), a seventh son of a seventh son and the local spook, fending off witches, boggarts, ghouls and… maybe even film critics.


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