Carole Matthews

1. – Lauren Bacall, To Have and Have Not, 1944. Warners was not interested in any director’s find, insisting that Howard Hawks study its contractees instead of “Betty Becall.” He tested Matthews (Miss Chicago 1938), Andrea King (then working as Georgette KcKay) and the superbly endowed Dolores Moran. They didn’t measure up. The role was called Slim – and it was the real Slim (Mrs Hawks), who had really found the perfect foil for Humphrey Bogart in the February 1943 edition of Harper’s Bazaar, The studio caved and The Grey Fox (used to bedding his finds) had to back off as the ex-Betty Jean Perske fell for Bogie. (So Hawks started an affair with Moran – soon called by the real Slim: Dolorass Moran).

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