Catherine Keener

  1. Jennifer Aniston, The Good Girl, 2001, The One That Jen Fans (And Critics) Always Mention When Moaning About All That Jennfier Aniston Froth Out There.  Here, she is perfect.  She was still shooting Friends   during the first three weeks and told director Miguel Arteta to stop her getting too Central Perky. “Please don’t let her be Rachel,.” She wasn’t.  Her rivals for the role, Laura Dern, Catherine Keener and  Reese Witherspoon, could never have matched her. But then having proved she could do it, she didn’t anymore.

  2. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, 2002.  For DreamWorks’ last  hand-drawn 2-D toon, CZJ was  the winer of the Marina mix of Sandra Bullock, Teri Hatcher, Catherine Keener, Lisa Rinna and Reese Witherspoon.

  3. Anna Chancellor, Ordeal By Innocence, TV, 2017.   Hollywood’s Keener was originally up for the chop –  the rich murder victim, mother of  five adopted children, all of whom had good reason to kill her. One chjld, Ed Westwick, waschopped after sexual assault allegations, and his role was expensively re-shot with Christian Cooke as the BBC’s 2017 Christmas treat became Easter’s in 2018.

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