Charles Dance

  1. Christopher Gable, The Rainbow, 1989.    For flamboyant UK director Ken Russell’s prequel to Women In Love, US backers wanted names, dammit, names. Neither Dance or Jeremy Irons were interested, allowing Russell to go back to one of his 1969 discoveries from the original film. “He’d   played one of   the young lovers   fated   to drown on his wedding day. Now he was mature enough to play Ursula’s possessive father.”
  2. Timothy Dalton, The Rocketeer, 1990.   Nothing like a sly British villain… ? And Dance is verty Rathbonian – same body language as Basil Rathbone’s Mofre so than Jeremy Irons, also in the Disney frame for Neville Sinclair, a Hollywood star who is not all he should be – based on Errol Flynn and his alleged Nazi connections. A flop. Of course. It was science-fiction, a subject Disney knew nothing about. Exactly why it bought Lucasfilm in 2012!  
  3. Pierce Brosnan, GoldenEye, 1994.
  4. Ralph Fiennes, The Avengers, 1998.    Five years earlier, Seven director   David Fincher was on the project – until Warners heard his plans. They wanted Mel Gibson as John Steed. Fincher wanted the more discreet Dance (from   his Alien 3)   and in   black-white –   “like a huge commercial for a luxury perfume.” This   is what is known as… creative   differences. 

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