Chris Bruno


  1. Daniel Markel, Another World, TV, 1991-1998.    Tested for (the second) Sam Fowler and was given (the third) Dennis Wheeler.  Brad Pitt had his first  TV speaking role in this long-running soap as Chris, a high school basketballer, for two 1987 episodes. Other unknowns during the soap’s 1964-1999 run  included Scott Bakula, Kelsey Grammer, Ray Liotta, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Noth, Billy Dee Williams, Henry Winkler
  2. George Clooney, ER, TV, 1994-2009.     Searching for a break – a debut, in fact – the Connecticut actor was crossing fingers and thumbs when finding himself the final five ear-marked for Dr Doug Ross – the final making of Clooney after numerous flop series, including another one set in Chicago and called… E/R, 1984-1985. 


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