Christophe Malavoy

  1. Frédéric Andréi, Diva, France, 1980.  For his first feature’s hero, Jean-Jacques Beineix wanted an unknown. (That way the director gets all the praise). Dominique Besnehard, soon to be Europe’s #1 casting director, suggested Christophe(r) Lambert (a friend for life), Anconina (not so much).  The also-rans were: Malavoy, Richard Berry, Jean-Paul Comart (ex-Connart), Tchéky Karyo, cartoonist Sempé’s son, Nicolas.  And Pagny, the future singing star, found working in  the cloakrooms of a gay nightclub.
  2. Vittorio Mezzogiorno, L’homme blessé,   France, 1982.   Dominique Besnehard  introduced one of his pals (and crushes) from  his drama school days to director Patrice Chereau. Malavoy had just triumphed in Family Rock, but Chereau had doubts. Besnehard next presented his new Italian find. And so,  Mezzogiorno had  two films competing in Cannes – baffling for festival audiences as he spoke passable French  opposite  Depardieu in the morning screening of La lune dans le caniveau and then was speaking with  the (dubbed) voice of his morning co-star, Depardieu, during Cherau’s L ’homme blessé, in the afternoon!! 
  3. Jean-Hugues Anglade, 37°2 le matin (Betty Blue), France-Italy, 1985. Handsome, if rather stiff, never loose  and somewhat ill at ease, Malavoy was obviously on Dominque Besnehard’s list for Zorg – opposite the titular Béatrice Dalle. “I couldn’t take my eyes off him in drama school.”  Nor could  veteran actress Madeleine Ozeray –  when  teaching them poetry at “La Rue du Blanche” at age 65. 
  4. André Dussolier, Trois hommes et un couffin, France, 1985,  Of the three guys in the smash-hit movie, only Michel Boujenah was chosen without question (he won the best supporting César actor; the film  was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar… while Chicago critic Roger Ebert railed against “the stupidity on the screen.”) Jean-Pierre Bacri, and Christophe(r) Lambert fled from Jacques, the baby’s father, and auteurColine Serreau booked Jean-Claude Brialy.  Producer Jean-François Lepetit disagreed. Brialy was famously gay and no one would believe he’d fathered a child. He quit for Chartlotte Gainbsbourg’s L‘effrontée. AndréDussolier was chosen over Christopher Malavoy.   I avoided the Paris Press screening – who needed another horror movie – after mistaking couffin (cradle) for coffin!  

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