Christopher McDonald


  1. Adrian Zmed, Grease 2, 1981.    The unknown Tom Cruise was deemed too young – at 19! – for a Rydell High student. McDonald was 26 – same as Zmed. But he knew the territory having been Danny Zuko on Broadway. McDonald was compensated with another student: Goose McKenzie.
  2. Timothy Carhart, Thelma & Louise, 1990.
  3. William Sadler, The Battle of Shaker Heights, 2002.    Behind the scenes of the second Project Greenlight film made by Miramax and HBOwas more suspenseful than the movie.McDonaldpassed on the father of the young hero’s girlfriend. Idem forBill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton. Gary Cole willingly auditioned but he had no window available.On, desperately, to an unsuitable Christopher Lloyd and he settled for another gig (how often is therea Haunted Lighthouse movie, after all?).Finally Sadler was seen, signed… and given a mere hour to bond with Shia LaBeouf before their most emotional scene.


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