Claudette Thornton

  1. Marilyn Monroe, The Asphalt Jungle, 1949.        Lola Albright, John Huston’s first choice, felt Angela Phinlay was a backward step after her Champion breakthrough. Or so it goes… Another tale has Huston forced into giving the unknown Marilyn a second test or his Irish stallions would be sold off to cover his $18,000 stable bill to rancher Lucille Ryman Carroll… who also happened to be MGM’s chief talent exec! Fascinating except for one little truth… Huston already knew Marilyn and her agent-lover Johnny Hyde, and had tried to feature her in his previous endeavour, We Were Strangers, 1948.   It is true that Huston tested eight other starlets, one being Georgia Holt, future mother of singer Cher. Another was Thornton, mainly uncredited in her eight screen credits… excepting her last, Ma and Pa Kettle At Waikiki, 1954.

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