Claudia Soberon

  1. Muriel Fouilland, Vampires: Los Muertos, 2001.   Her diary saved her…  She had to pass on the half-baked, half-price sequel to John Carpenter’s tacky (just not so much) Vampires
  2. Paz Vega, Spanglish, 2003.    Lucky Soberòn again!  The Mexican actress lost out on being Teo Leoni’s housekeeper-cook Flor Moreno opposite…. the dreaded  Adam Sandler.
  3. Katira Santiago, Anima, 2003.    Booked for Sister Luciana in what was then called Cloisters, the Mexican Claudia took over the 16th Century Angelica  – forced into becoming a nun – when Argentinean Mia Maestro’s schedule was too full. Allowing Katira to become Luciana.
  4. Cecilia Suárez, The Air I Breathe, 2006.    One Mexican telenovella queen for another… in the drama based on the ancient  Chinese proverb dividing  life into four cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow, love.  What about movies? 

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