Clive Brook

  1. Ronald  Colman,  Lady Windemere’s Fan, l925. Both men knew  that Irene Rich would steal it all  – as the ostracised Mrs Erlynne.
  2. C Aubrey Smith, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, 1934.  Major Hamilton went from one stiff-upper-lipped Brit to another  in the  Boys’  Own Paper style  adventures of three British army officers  (led  by the exceedingly  British Gary Cooper!) on India’s Northwest frontier.
  3. Tyrone Power, The Sun Also Rises, 1957. The Hays Office censors stopped Fox filming the hedonistic Hemingway book in 1933. Brook was booked for the impotent (sssh!) Jake Barnes opposite Constance Bennett as Lady Brett Ashley. It took Fox a quarter-century to finally make the film and even then, producer Darryl F Zanuck had to promise not to use the word impotent. He did, anyway!

 Birth year: 1887Death year: 1974Other name: Casting Calls:  3