Clu Gulager

  1. Robert Foxworth, Falcon Crest, TV, 1981-87.  Clu was Chase Giberti, in from New York to  save  the family  winery  in The Vintage Years. the unaired pilot of this Dallas with grapes. Foxworth survived six seasons until being (among the many) hounded out by Jane Wyman (the soap’s lead harridan, on and off-screen  – and the need to tend his dying lover,  Elizabeth Montgomery.
  2. Jack Colvin, Child’s Play,1988.  One of the unlucky 13 actors up for Dr Ardmore – double the total seen for the four other main roles in the tale of a doll inhabited by a serial killer’s soul. Other potential medics were Gulager, Matt Clark, William Daniels, Henry Darrow, Richard Dysart, Art Evans, Bruce McGill, Donald Moffat, Dean Stockwell, Al Waxman Waxman – plus Charles Hallahan, John P Ryan and Harris Yulin from director Tom Holland’s previous release, Fatal Beauty.

 Birth year: 1928Death year: 2022Other name: Casting Calls:  2