Colin Salmon

  1. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale2006.
  2. Tyrese Gibson, Death Race, 2008.   Or Furious and Furiouser…!  Having made The Bank Jobwith lead star Jason Statham, Salmon was in the mix for Machine Gun Joe.  Presumably, he was the one Brit too many and a future Statham cohort got the gig – Gibson, from the Fast and Furious franchise. Didn’t harm (nothing harmed!) Salmon’s career: 110 screen roles 27 years,  moving right along from a Doctor Who guest to Alien v Predator,Arrow, Bad Girls, Hex, No Offence, The Punisher, Reisident Evil, Spooks, Strikeback, 24: Live Another Day and, amost inevitably, General Zod in Krypton,TV, 2018-2019. Not forgetting M’s Chief of Staff in Live and Let Die, The World Is Not Enoughand Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan… who immediately tipped Salmon as his 007 successor. He was seen for Casino Royale but Daniel Craig ruled.

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