Constance Towers

  1. June Allyson, You Can’t Run Away From It, 1955.       For his third gig as  director,  ex-song-and-dance man Dick Powell chose a musical version of It Happened One Night.  Couples suggested for the 1945 Clark Gable-Claudette Colbert roles, were Van Johnson-June Allyson (Mrs Powell), Mitchum-Constance Towers and, ultimately, Jack Lemmon-Allyson (still sleeping with the director!). Prophetic title as Powell’s previous assignment, The Conqueror, 1955, led to terminal cancer for 90 of the 220 cast and crew (including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Powell  himself) – after shooting at an obviously still radioactive 1953 atomic bomb test site in Yucca Flat, Nevada.

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