Craig Sheffer

  1. Arye Gross, Brittle Glory, 1996. Sheffer was announced by writer-director Stewart Schill during 1995 Cannes hype to partner Tony Curtis in (according to the original title) The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man and his Faithful Sidekick, Tadpole.
  2. Paul Johansson, Highlander: The Raven, TV, 1998-1999.    For the latest incarnation of the McLeod dynasty, Johansson, Sheffer (from Teen Wolf, A River Runs Thriough It) and Maurice Dean Wint were for the hero Nick Wolfe. Opposite the svelte Elizabeth Gracen  (Miss America 1982) as Amanda Darieux, ex-lover of Adrian Paul’s Duncan McLeod… and in real life, of an Arkansas Governor called Bill Clinton.


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