Damon Wayans (Jr)

  1. Jim Carrey, Batman Forever, 1994.
  2. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie), TV, 1996. 
  3. Cuba Gooding, Jerry Maguire, 1996.    “Show me the money!” The legend insists Gooding won the role from 50 other actors. Certainly from Jamie Foxx and Wayans. “As good those other guys were who came in… they were all shadowboxing with this performance that Cuba had already given,” auteur Cameron Crowe told Mike Fleming Jr at Deadline Hollywood’s 20 years later in January 2017. Gooding first read with his future What Dreams May Come co-star Robin Williams and thought he was to be Jerry. But Cruise was occupied and Wlliams was filling in as a favour. “Nobody had the pure intoxicating exuberance of Cuba. He careened into the first reading, like something that dropped out of the sky. He infused every reading with this explosive optimism, the character’s dedication to his marriage and to… fun. He loved pushing Tom Cruise around –  he’s actually pushing him out of frame in a couple scenes.” 
  4. Lamorne Morris, New Girl, TV, 2011.      Victim of his own success. Thinking his ABComedy series, Happy Endings, was to be axed, Wayans won himself part of a new Fox comedy – when Zooey Deschanel has to share a loft with three guys. But, Happy Endings was saved and indeed moved to a prime spot, just after the Modern Family hit. Morris took over as Winston, an ex-athlete who always needs to win…er, whatever it is.
  5. Khary Paton, Big Hero 6: The Series, TV, 2017-2021.  Change of voice for the  lovable Wasabi  for the 65-episode series version of the 2013 toon  – the first real Disney+Marvel production. About life in San Fransokyo – Fran rebuilt by the Japanese after a huge earthquake.


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