Dana Delany

  1. Brooke Shields, Endless Love, 1980.   She auditioned and won Jade Butterfield but director Franco Zeffirelli said she wasn’t a major star.  (Should have been). 
  2. Janine Turner, Cliffhanger, 1994.  “The deal just didn’t work out,” said the China Beach actress unafraid of heights – she’s a member of The Mile High Club. And voices TV’s Lois Lane.
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex And The City, TV, 1998-2004.   The dresses would have been better! We have Dana to blame for SJP. “The show’s creator Darren Starr asked me to play Carrie Bradshaw.Darrengot the idea of televising Candace Bushnell’s book from seeing me and Kim [Catrall] in Live Nude Girls.” (1995). She was nine years older than SJP but Dana nixed the series, not vice-versa. She didn’twant a show about sex.(That had been almost the sole subject of her interviewsExit To Eden, 1993), such as admitting to Mile High Club membership). Later regretting her decision, she continued voicing the animation Lois Lane andconquered the tube in Desperate Housewives (all about sex!) and, of coure, Body of Proof (where the bodies were dead).
  4. Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives, TV, 2004-2008.    Creator Marc Cherry saw Dana and no one else as Bree Van De (very) Kamp – a role based on his mother. Dana auditioned, won – and refused, three times. Far too close to her characterin the in thePasadena soap. Cherry got his way by writing a new housefrau for her, Katharine Mayfair, in the fourth season in 2007-2008.




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