Daniel Stern

  1. Roddy Piper, Hell Comes to Frogtown, 1987,  Mississippi auteur Donald G Jackson had trouble finding his virile hero saving women kidnaped by humandoid frogs (no really!) and then – well, someoned’s gotta do it – start replenishing he post-apocalyptic society.  He wrote it for Tim Thomerson. New World voted Daniel Stern. Jackson suggested Hill Street Blues’ Ed Marinaro – or  the star of his Roller Blade franchise (featuring roller-skating nuns!), Sam Mann… until seeing Rowdy Roddy Piper in the wrassin’ ring.  ackson (1943-2003) directed 39 other movies,  producing 48, writing 43 (some as Maxcimo T Bird!), acting in 17 – including Vampire Child, Ghost Taxi, Ghost Baby  and who can forget  Lingerie Kickboxer. He helped ay for his 1976 debut, The Demon Lover., with a $8,00 insurance payment  after he lost two fingers in a factory accident. Now that’s dedication!

  2. Robert Wuhl, Batman1988.

  3. Tim Daly, Wings, TV, 1990-1997.    Stern, Nick Cassavetes, Kevin Conroy, Bryan Cranston (nine years before the brilliant Breaking Bad. 2008-2013) and the inevitable unknown, Boyd Gaines, auditioned for Joe Montgomery Hackett, one of two brothers running a private airline out of Nantucket, surrounded by much wackiness – so-called. (The series creator, David Angell, and his wife were killed  on 9/11 when their plane,  American Airlines flight #11,  was hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center).
  4. Hugh Jackman, Rise of the Guardians, 2011.   Possible voices for the  Iconic Guardians’ Easter Bunny ranged from those of Ed O’Neill, at 65, to Eddie Redmayne at 29..!  Bill Hader, Michael Keaton and Daniel Stern were also heard before Jackman won his second DreamWorks toon… this time retaining his strine.  Other guardians included Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy  and a Santa Claus complete with tatts and a Russian accent! 

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