Danil S[ivakowskly

  1. Teodor Currentzis, Dau, Ukraine-Russia-Netherlands-Germany-Sweden, 2008.   The Russian TV star tried hard to win the titular Lev Landau, in the biopic by Ilya Khrzhanovsky inside what amounted to his own totalitarian society.  The unknown (unhinged?) Russian auteur  took ten 2005 festival prizes for his debut, 4,  as enough clout torule his third film like Vladimir Putin. For six years, Khrzhanovsky took over the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, pushed the $3.5m budget to $10m, re-built the Russian Science Academy’s Institute for Theoretical Physics on Europe’s largest set (12,000 square metres),  ordered cast, crew and visitors to dress and eat as in the Stalin-era – the film was likewise shot by Stalinesque hidden cameras and mikes.  Apart from his leading lady, he also insisted on  no actors – “the story to be told was impossible to act out.” And  wanted a genius to play the Noble Prize-winning physicist – and a scandalous ladykiller! –  and found him in Currentzis., a Russian symphony conductor of Greek origin

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