Danny Masterson

  1. Jon Hamm, Mad Men, TV,2007-2015.      Written  (and meticulously researched) while working on Becker and The Sopranos, Mathew Weiner kept his script in his drawer until AMC bought it and became one of HBO’s now many rivals. Casting began in  2006.  “There were famous people who came in to read,”  Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. “The guys from That ’70s Show came in – not Ashton [Kutcher], but the other guys. I’m still impressed by Danny Masterson.” [The older brother of Christopher was close, but no Emmy…]  “But at a certain point, it was working against them. My theory was that The Sopranos casting was great because you didn’t know who any of those people were.” Added Hamm: “I was on the bottom of everyone’s list. The one person who was an early champion of mine was Matthew.”

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