Danny Trejo

  1. Benjamin Bratt, Law & Order, TV, 1995-2009.  When Chris Noth pulledf his badge after 11 episodes as Detective Mike Logan, Leguizamo and Danny Trejo  were  seen for Jerry Orbach’s new partner, Detective Reynaldo Curtis.  When Bratt left in 2009, Orbach’s Detective Lennie
  2. Mickey Rourke,The Expendables, 2009.     Writer-director-star Sylvester Stallone gave the role of Emmanuel to Danny – until it proved too expensive (salary plus stunt fees).   And so parts of Emmanuel worked its way into Rourke’s Tool…
  3. Gary Daniels, The Expendables, 2009.     …and into Daniels’ Wickham in Sly’s testosterone Dad’s Army – mis-titled by two French magazines as…   The Expandables!
  4. Antonio Banderas, The Expendables 3, 2013.       Although Sylvester Stallone wrote Galgo for the Spanish star, Trejo was also in wth a (slim) chance. Would have been fun having Danny singing Antonio’s number: El novio de la muerte (Bridegroom of Death).

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