David Ogden Stiers

  1. Jerry Orbach, Beauty and the Beast, 1990.       M*A*S*H man and Perry Mason DA Stiers lost voicing Lumiere when Orbach was asked to join his Murder She Wrote co-star Angela Lansbury. He had six years of Murder, 1985-1991, followed, of course, by followed by a baker’s dozen of Law & Order.
  2.  Jim Belushi, Hoodwinked, 2005.      Change of voice of the dim Woodsman  in the Rashômon version of the old fairy tale from the viewpoints of Glenn Close, Patrick Warburton, Belushi and Anne Hathaway as Granny, The Big Bad Wolf, The Woodsman and Red Puckett, herself. DOS stayed aboard as the cop frog taking their statements.

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