David Schwimmer


  1. Jonathan Silverman, Couples, TV, 1994.    A familiar premise:Three New York couples intertwine while living in the same apartment building… And indeed, the same writers David Crane and Marta Kaufman also wrote (or re-wrote?) Friends. Schwimmer auditioned for the pilot (the idea never went any further) and then said: No more TV.His agent Leslie Siebert styill called… “Look, I know you told me not to send you anything, but there’s a show I really think you should take a look at. It’s by Marta and David, who – if you remember – had done that show Couples” And I go, ‘Oh, yes. I remember loving the writing.’ And she said the magic words to me: ‘It’s an ensemble show. There’s no star. There are six people, all similar age.’ And I say, ‘OK, I’ll read it…but I’m not going to do it!’
  2. Ben Affleck, Chasing Amy, 1996.   The story behind Quentin Tarantino’s favorite 1997 film…  New Jersey auteur Kevin Smith wrote the script for his pals. No, no, said Bob and Harvey Weinstein –  for a $3m budget, they wanted Schwimmer, Drew Barrymore, Jon Stewart.  No, no said Smith, he’d make it himself for $250,000 with ex- lover Adams (it was their story), plus Ben Affleck and Jason Lee, and the the Miramaxers could buy it for distribution. Done deal!  At that price, what else?
  3. Will Smith, Men in Black, 1997.    Passed on being J – possibly opposite Clint as K – in what would have been what he needed. A humonguous cinema hit.  Instead he was prepping a class reunion tele-film, Since You’ve Been Gone. “It wasn’t even like a choice.” Chris O’Donnell also refused. Silly boys! 
  4. Mark Feuerstein, What Women Want, 2000.    No Friend for Mel Gibson’s friend, as Schwimmer continued trying to nail support acts, while his pals  took star roles.
  5. Adam Goldberg, The Hebrew Hammer, 2003.  Writer-director Jonathan Kesselman said he had The Top Five in mind – also including Adam Sandler and Schwimemr lookalike Ben Stiller. The Top Five? Kesselman hadn’t made another filmby 2007.  

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