Deforest Kelley

  1. Alan Ladd, This Gun For Hire, 1941. Kelley was in the Army Air Corps and made some training films at “Fort Roach” (the former Hal Roach studio) in Culver City. He was actually noticed in these by Paramount suits and went to the wire with Ladd for the hitman Philip Raven.  “De” lost the role  but won a contract at the very studio where in 1966-1969 (following a succession of scurvy knaves, often psychotic), he became globally renowned as Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek.  
  2. John Hoyt, Star Trek: The Cage (1st pilot), TV, 1964.  
  3. Leonard Nimoy,  Star Trek: The Cage (1st pilot), TV, 1964. 
  4. Paul Fix, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before, (2nd pilot),  TV, 1964.
  5. Walter Koenig, Star Trek Generations1994
  6. Sam Melville,  Hour of the Gun, 1967. John Sturges was not allowed any of his cast from his 1957 classic for his new take of the gunfight at the OK Corral.  The studio relented about the lesser Earps. But neither actor was available, Virgil  had retired and Morgan was operating in Star Trek space

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 1999Other name: Casting Calls:  6