Delphine Seyrig

  1. Romy Schneider, La piscine, France-Italy, 1969.      Delphine,Leslie Caron,Angie Dickinson, Monica Vitti, Natalie Woodwere unavailable or wanted their favourite cameraman or refused swimsuit scenes. (Difficult with that title). Alain Delon said: “What if I ask Romy?” For her,it was a gift from her god. Here-launched his on-off lover’sfading career. She was now a wife and mother, while he had one lover in the film (Madly), another visiting (Mireille Darc) before making a movie about (and with) the three of them (Madly, 1970).  Another director, Pierre Granier-Deferre, tried to re-unite The Couple for  L’un contre l’autre. Ever the gent, Delon said he couldn’t form  a couple with Romy  anymore – she was too old, too ravaged. Which gave Paris casting director-agent-producer Dominique Besnehard pause every time he saw a tearful Delon on TV going on  about (yet again)  his great  love story with poor Romy. 
  2. Marina Vlady, Que la fait commence (US: Let Joy Reign  Supreme),France,  1974.  In her memoirs, Vlady revealed that her La Parabère in réalisateur Bertrand Tavernier’s second  filmwas  originally  planned  tor “L’exquise Delphine Seyrig.”.  Quite astonishing that Tavernier  thought of Seyrig for such a feisty role.
  3. Fanny Ardant, Swann In Love, France-West Germany, 1983.       Having booked Michael Lonsdale for Baron Charlus, German director Volker Schlondorff asked him who should be Marcel Proust’s redoubtable Duchesse de Guermantes. Delphine Seyrig! “Oh no, no, she’s too much like her,” said Schlondorff. “Better too much than too little,” said Lonsdale.  He then lost his rôle – usurped by Alain Delon. Opposite Duchess Ardant.
  4. Françoise Fabian, Trois places pour le 26, France, 1988.        Realisateur Jacques Demy’s final film started life as Dancing, a kind of French Broadway musical set for Yves Montand, Isabelle Adjani and Seyrig. Only Montand made it. And, alas, made it a flop by turning it into a semi-biography. Except for (unknowingly) sleeping with his own daughter. 


 Birth year: 1932Death year: 1990Other name: Casting Calls:  4