Dennis Moore

  1. John James, Saddle Serenade, 1949. 
    When movie buffs discuss the BWestern cowpokes, they usually (over) praise the villains as the most gentle, affable guys around. The heroes, sometimes not so much – badly treating their women, horses and extras. Then, the fans reach Jimmy Wakely and there’s no dispute. Here’s the most forgiving, cheek-turning fella on the planet. Here’s why… In 1944, Jimmy started a bunch of Monogram horse-operas with two sidekicks, “Lasses” White… and Moore, known variously as Denny, Dinty or Smokey. On the night of August 29, 1945, Moore had a skinful with other B-cowpokes at a Hollywood cantina. Pissed out of his head, he then announced he was off to “kill that singing cowboy son of a bitch.” None of the barflies attempted to stop him. It would, of course, not have been the first or last time such a threat was uttered in LA. After midnight, Moore arrived at 7600 Lankershim Boulevard, called Wakely outside and proceed to stab him in the head. Someone was looking after Jimmy. He survived. He then looked after Denny, refusing to press charges. “My God, Mr. Wakely, this man tried to kill you,” the LA Times reported the judge as saying in January 1945, “and it could happen again. He should be put away.” Wakely still refused and hizzoner ruled: “If Mr Wakely won’t have you jailed, you will have to leave town for 60 days. If you come back to Los Angeles, I’ll have you jailed.” John James replaced Moore in the next two movies. And would you believe by 1947, Denny was back as Wakely’s sidekick… during a non-stop career of 255 screen roles between 1932-1958.

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