Derek Partridge

  1. Joby Blanshard , 80,000 Suspects, 1963.     British medics tackle a deadly smallpox epidemic- almost as good as auteur Val Guest’s previous triller, The Day The Earth Caught Fire, 1961. Playboy Magazine used the still I sent to Chicago of a nude Claire Bloom in a shower scene. Partridge narrated two documentaries about Leslie Howard – to whom he owed his life. As a kid, Partridge was booked on a KLM/BOAC flight #777 from Lisbon to Bristol on June 1, 1943. However, his seat had to be given up to the movie star (and some say, secret agent). The plane was shot down over the Bay of Biscay by the German air force, in the apparent belief that Winston Churchill was aboard. There were no survivors.

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