Dervla Kirwan

  1. Trini Alvarado, American Friends, 1990.     The film’s writer, star and diarist Michael Palin found her intriguing. “A face that it’s impossible to sum up in a word… different from every angle. She has long, dark hair… perfect in period costume. Obliging, friendly with just enough shyness. At times, her maturity shows well beyond her 16 years.”  However, director Tristam  Powell saw her West End play and “did not like her much.” 
  2. Elizabeth Carling, Goodnight Sweetheart, TV, 1997-1999.   Kirwan won Phoebe Sparrow in 1993 before realising the role wasn’t really going anywhere.  In the sitcom about the time-tripping Nicholas Lyndhurst, first Michelle Holmes and then Emma Amos played  his wife, Yvonne, in the ’90s – with Kirwan (during 1993-1996) and, later,  Carling, as his mistress in the ’40s. 

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