Diane Kruger

  1. Blake Lively, Green Lantern, 2010.    As directors changed from Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder, Greg Berlanti (the film’s producer and co-scenarist) to, ultimately, 007’s Martin Campbell, so did the candidates for Lantern’s light, his girl Carol Ferris, vp of Ferris Aircraft,.. Diane, Jennifer Garner, Eva Green,Keri Russell. Carol, who eventually becomes the evil Star Sapphire, was originally based – byJohn Broome and Gil Kane in1959 –on Elizabeth Taylor.
  2. Gemma Arterton, Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters, 2011.    Norwegian actor turned auteur Tommy Wirkola hunted his Gretel through Diane, Eva Green and Noomi Rapace before settling on Tamara Drewe, herself. Great way to start his international career.
  3. Jessica Biel, Total Recall, 2011.      Kate Bosworth,  Diane Krugerand  Eva Mendes  were in the sf  mix for Lori Quaid, the wife of our hero, Colin Farrell. Well, that is to say, the UFB undercover agent posing as his missus.  Kate, of course, is The (real) wife of tre re-make’s director, Len Wiseman.  He failed in any retread’s #1 rule. Build a better movie.
  4. Amy Adams, Man of Steel, 2011.
  5. Kate Beckinsale, Total Recall, 2011.    Kruger, Kate Bosworth and Eva Mendes (also up for Melina) were in the Lori loop. Director Len Wiseman then decided the heroine of his Underworld franchise should be the vicious, all-action bitch of a villain here. A great switch for Beckinsale, aka Mrs Wiseman. Opposite a Colin Farrell in excellent 007-testing mode.
  6. Rachel Weisz,, The Bourne Legacy, 2011.  Three was enough for Matt Damon. (Until 2015…!)  The studio did not agree and kept the franchise alive by rebooting Jason Bourne as Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner)  – another victim of US secret service’s  Program.  Weisz won Dr Marta Shearing from a dozen other hopefuls: Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Milla Jovovich Kristin Kreuk, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Michelle Monaghan, Elizabeth Olsen and three Kates: Beckinsale, Bosworth and Mara.  Why? Because as Chicago critic Roger Ebert pointed out she spends more time on-screen than is usual for women in actioners, is not just around for sex and “her performance stands up strongly beside Renner’s.” Bravo!
  7. Gemma Arterton, Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters, 2012.   Potential Gretels (rebooted as bounty-hunter) included Kruger, Eva Green and Noomi Rapace.
  8. Andrea Riseborough, Oblivion, 2012.   For once, Disney realised it knew diddly-squat about science fiction and let director Joseph Kosinski and his (expensive) scenario go.  Hayley Atwell and Kate Beckinsale also lost out opposite Tom Cruise).
  9. Rebecca Hall, Iron Man 3, 2012.      Also considered for Maya Hansen were Isla Fisher and Diane Kruger. Jessica Chastain won the role but her diary didn’t agree. Enter: Hall. Not so happy upon her exit. as Maya was trimmed shorter than a crew cut.  “She wasn’t entirely the villain – there have been several phases of this – but I signed on to do something very different to what I ended up doing.”
  10. Bérénice Marlohe, 5 to 7, 2013.   Just as Kruger  thought her schedules gate was open, it closed. Therefore, Marlohe became the French diplomat’s wife sexually involved with a New York writer wannabe Anton Yelchin. She says she’s free any day between 5 and 7 – French for  “I’m married.”   Voila, his first novel! 
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