Diego Luna


  1. Kuno Becker, Goal! 2005.     Luna quit the soccer saga for other offers. Becker called him to check out the reasons before taking over. Never matched Disney’s (too) high expectations, neither Goal 1, 2 or 3. Although impressed by the young Mexican star, Chicago critic Roger Ebert was right about the sub-title – The Dream Begins – suggested thatsnores would follow. By 2006, Luna was directing his own movies.
  2.  Michael Sheen, New Moon, 2009.    The young Mexican star (Y tu mamá también, Frida, The Terminal, etc )had to pass on an inviteto be Aro in the first Twilight sequel. But, hey, he already had la luna!
  3. Anthony Mackie, Io, 2019. The scientist trying to save Earth from itself and the guy she meets were first set as Elle Fanning and Luna. They became Margaret Qualley and Mackie.  The rest is convoluted but hear me  out…  In 1981, the original title of Sean Connery’s Outland was also Io. But people thought it was: 10. You know, like a rehash of Bo Derek’s 1979 breakthrough – the French title of which was…  Elle!



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