Dolores Costello

  1. Mary Astor, Don Juan, 1926.       After finishing The Sea Beast, together, John Barrymore wanted to co-star again with Costello, his new lover (and future  third wife during 1928-1934) – and not his ex-lover Astor – in what proved the first sound feature.  With synchronised music on disc, that is. No way said Head Brother Jack Warner. The film  was “inspired by the legend of the Greatest Lover of all Ages”  – and so, Barrymore kissed various women every 52 seconds – 191 bisous in total.

  2. Joan Bennett, Moby Dick, 1930.      Playing Captain Ahab again, repeating his silent Sea Beast (little  to do with Melville),   John Barrymore naturally wanted Costello aboard. She was pregnant with John Jr. 

 Birth year: 1903Death year: 1979Other name: Casting Calls:  2