Dolores Fuller

  1. Lorettta King, Bride of the Monster, 1955.    Although Dolores lived with Ed Wood (the worst film-maker in history – or he was until Tommy Wiseau made The Room in 2003) and was the star of his Glen or Glenda and Jail Bait, she was swiftly dropped once King came up with the $60,000 to complete the budget. “He gave her my part. That he’d written for me.” Heartbroken and disgusted, Fuller (an extra in It Happened One Night, 1934) took a smaller role and then quit Wood and became a successful songwriter for Elvis, Nat King Cole, etc.   Loretta insists she never had such money. “:I guess he had to tell her that – he wanted somebody that he wasn’t involved with.” For directing his sixth film (Bela Lugosi’s last speaking rôle) Wood was paid $350. Money down the LA drain.


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