Don Henderson

  1. Geoffrey Bateman, Doctor Who #107: Nightmare of Eden, TV, 1979.      Henderson would have been perfect for the (rough) Dymond when Doc4 Tom Baker attempted to sort out a hyperspace collision between a cruise ship and a trade vessel.
  2. John Hallam, Lifeforce, 1984.
  3. Maurice Colbourne, Doctor Who #133: Resurrection Of The Daleks, TV, 1984.       Producer John Nathan-Turner wanted a name for Commander Lytton… like Meg Bennett, Brian Blessed, Kenneth Cope, Timothy Dalton (the future Lord President in #202: The End of Time, 2000), Leslie Grantham (not yet Dirty Den in EastEnders), Alfred Lynch, Clive Merrison (BBC Radio’s Sherlock Holmes), Terry Molloy (aka Davros), John Rhys-Davies, Maurice Roëves. Plus several of the astonishing army of 203 candidates for just 18 roles in that year’s Lifeforce movie mess: Henderson, Nicholas Ball, Steven Berkoff, Tom Chadbon, Paul Darrow, Michael Gothard, Del Henney (he became Colonel Archer), Martin Jarvis, Michael Jayston, Edward Peel, George Sewell, Patrick Stewart, Anthony Valentine and David Warner. All 25 up for one role in a Doctor Who… Preposterous!
  4. Forbes Collins, Doctor Who # 138: Vengeance on Varos, TV, 1984.      Henderson was also among the 20 names rung up the flagpole for the treacherous Chief Officer… Henderson, Collins, Tony Caunter, Tom Chadbon, Peter Childs, Michael Culver, James Ellis, Tom Georgeson, John Hallam, Terrence Hardiman, John Hollis, Ronald Lacey, Edward Peel, Clifford Rose, John Savident, George Sewell, Patrick Stewart, Donald Sumpter, Malcolm Tierney – and Stephen Yardley, who played Arak. Henderson was later Gavrok opposite Doc7 Sylvester McCoy in #146: Delta and the Bannermen, 1988.
  5. Donald Pickering, Doctor Who #144: Time and the Rani, TV, 1987.      Henderson and Cliffford Rose were also seen as Beyus for the Time Lord v Time Lady encounter on planet Lykertya… where Doc6 Colin Baker regenerated into Doc7 Sylvester McCoy.   Henderson won a single Whoverse gig as the Bannermen’s boss in #146: Delta and The Bannermen, TV, 1987

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 1997Other name: Casting Calls:  5