Don Stroud

  1. Jon Voight, Midnight Cowboy, 1969.   Troy Donahue’s 1950s TV stunt double   was among the many young Joe Bucks seen by UK director John Schlesinger – in his element! Novelist James Leo Herlihy’s title stemmed from Tennessee Williams’ 1947 description of Marlon Brando, fresh into town, cocksure, ready to knock New York on its ass – in a white tee-shirt, one size too small to show off his muscles, and even tighter blue jeans to highlight his lunch box.
  2. John Phillip Law, Von Richthofen and Brown, 1970.    Stroud was seen for the famous WWI flying ace Baron Manfred von Richthoven. Instead director Roger Corman made him the Red Baron’s Canadian counterpart (and alleged killer)  Captain Roy Brown.  Alexander von Richtofen, a direct descendant,   was Corman’s first assistant director on De Sade, 1968, but not on this project. He had returned home to assist on 29 productions from from The Tin Drum to TV’s Derrick, act in  12, write two and direct one. 
  3. Robert Forster, Stunts, 1976.  The great Bob Forster subbed Stroud when he was injured in a motorcycle accident the day before shooting started… on yet another of  a dozen 70s’ movies about stuntmen. From Death Riders and Superstunt to two Eveil Knievel biopix.     
  4. Peter Jason, Mike Hammer, TV, 1997-1998.  Stacy Keach toughens up his 1984-1987 act as  Mickey Spillane’s private dick   in a new (shorter) version. But the shows was not gritty enoughto have Stroud continue as Pat Chambers – after he was disfigured in a mugger attack.  And so Skip Nelson was born for Jason to play.


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