Doug McKeon


  1. C Thomas Howell, The Outsiders, 1982.     Part of Francis Coppola’s intensive ensemble casting sessions at Stage Five of his Zoetrope Studios – “go right on Marlon Brando Way. Follow it to Budd Schulberg Avenueand it’s just next to the commissary.”But “the blond kid from On Golden Pond,” as Rob Lowe called him, lost out onjoining the greaser Curtis kids as Lowe’s brother. 
  2. Eric Stoltz, Mask, 1984.   Doug and Eric  auditioned for the same  two films in the same week. “In the end, he was cast in Mask and I was cast in Mischiefthe most fun I’ve had making a movie.” Also  seen for  Cher’s  horribly disfigured kid  were  Kevin Costner and Rob Lowe.

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