Edith Scob

  1. Natalie Perrey, La nuit des horloges, France, 2006.    B-movie horrorsmith Jean Rollin was badly treated by “stars.” He felt Scob was perfect and kind. Not the next day…when she was, quite suddenly, no longer available. Actor Michael Lonsdale had called and, apparently, warned her off Rollin – presumably because he shot porno on the side. Rollin, therefore, turned – and not for the first time – to what US critic Tim Lucas hailed as “the backbone and sometimes the very sinew of his filmography.” Natalie was in the French Resistance at 12, worked her way up in film from costumier in 1969 to script supervisor, production assistant and assistant director and actress for Rollin – and here, Lucas said, she served as a kind of pallbearer for Rollin himself. 

 Birth year: 1937Death year: 2019Other name: Casting Calls:  1