Edmund Gwenn

  1. Harry Davenport, Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake, 1941.     Gwenn was all set for what, alas, became the last studio film of Frances Farmer, when he was invited to join a Broadway play.   Blake was Tyrone Power; Frances, his loving  cousin. The sub-title was important, otherwise the movies sounded like some new adventure of Lassie.
  2. Charles Laughton, Stand By For Action, 1942.      WWII ruined MGM’s plans to shoot this drama in its UK studios in Nivember 1941.  Once the US entered WWII, Robert Donat, Edmund Gwenn and the Royal Navy became Robert Taylor and Laughton and the US Navy – in which Taylor served during 1943-1946.

 Birth year: 1877Death year: 1959Other name: Casting Calls:  2