Edward Everett Horton

  1. Adolph Menjou, The Milky Way, 1936.The original cast had a rushed make-over when Jack Oakie was pushed aside for Harold Lloyd in the comedy about a milkman KOing the world middleweight boxing champ in a street brawl. Danny Kaye made a superior version, The Kid From Brooklyn, in 1945. 
  2. Walter Kingsford, Hi Diddle Diddle,1942.  The news that the British Kingsford (Surrey-born like all us good folk) took over from EEH was somewhat lost in the combat for the leading lady chanteuse- from Lupe Velez to Constance Bennett to ex-silent queen Pola Negri.
  3. Thomas Mitchell, It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946.  


 Birth year: 1886Death year: 1970Other name: Casting Calls:  3