Edward Fox

  1. James Fox, The Miniver Story, 1950.       London agent Robin Fox’s older son won his first screen test at age ten.  He was no angel on the set. “Apparently, I kicked up an almighty fuss. I shrieked, stamped my feet, worked myself up in a tantrum.  My parents had to withdraw me and Willie got the part  instead.”  Could explain why Dad was never Edward’s agent, only Willie’s –  aka James Fox.
  2. Oliver Reed, Women In Love, 1969.    US producer Larry Kramer had to give  way to the Money Men. UA would only accept Glenda Jackson as Gudrun if Ken Russell agreed to Reed, starring in UA’s Hannibal Brooks at the time. So, bye-bye Fox, evemn though he more closely fitted DH Lawrence’s description of Gerald: “blond, glacial and Nordic.” Hence,  Fox missed the nude wrestling with  Oliver Reed. It  stole the entire movie.  And had it banned in Turkey!
  3. Michael Caine, The Black Windmill, 1974.    Director Don Siegel was lunching at London’s White Elephant, when phoned by Universal chief Lew Wasserman in Hollywood and told to attend a screening of The Day of The Jackal at Pinewood studios at 2pm…  to see if Fox could carry the Windmill.  As it turned out, no one could!
  4. David Warner, Time After Time, 1979.     Writer-director Nicholas Meyer’s (surprising) first choice to play Jack the Ripper was later revealed to be  Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein’s favourite actor.
  5. Patrick Stewart, Lifeforce, 1984
  6. James Fox, Patriot Games, 1992.       That’s what brothers are for…
  7. Leslie Phillips, The Jackal, 1997.   “Crashingly boring,” said the star of the original Day of the Jackal about the asinine re-hash. Well, he was discussing the scenari. He refused to see the actual film – after rejecting a ho-ho cameo of a bnak manager.


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